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Learn More About Bloomfield Hills, MI

Although Bloomfield Hills has a relatively low population, it consistently ranks in the top 5 most affluent cities in the United States with a median household income over $200,000. Bloomfield Hills was farmland when wealthy Detroit socialites bought the land and began developing it at the beginning of the 20th century.

Bloomfield Hills MI Lawyers

There are many distinguished Bloomfield Hills lawyers who live in the affluent community. Lawyers in Bloomfield Hills take all kinds of cases; some examples include consumer credit, medical malpractice, chapter 7 bankruptcy, child custody, and wrongful termination.
Recently, a Bloomfield Hills man is suing his former employee, Winston Golf and Manufacturing, for wrongful termination. Patrick Ronayne claims he was fired because he was not thin enough for his $75,000 per year job, saying management told him he was not a “flat belly.” Winston claims the allegations are ridiculous and that Ronayne, who seeks more than $25,000 in compensation, was fired because of his poor sales performance.
If you are filing a lawsuit in Bloomfield Hills, you are likely to be visiting the 48th District Court. The district court handles small claims up to $3,000 and preliminary misdemeanor and felony cases as well as citations issued in Bloomfield Hills and Oakland County. If you are filing for divorce or have child custody issues, the Oakland County 6th Circuit Court retains exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations as well as criminal trial court appeals.
With whichever court you file, make sure you have a bar certified Bloomfield Hills lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch’s pairing services will offer you a list of reputable lawyers who want your case. You can also do some research in the LegalCenter’s forums section which allows you to post questions as well as respond on many different legal topics.
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