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Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, with a population of about 229,000.  Birmingham is the county seat of Jefferson County and also lies within a part of Shelby County.  Birmingham was founded after the Civil War in 1871, and soon became an industrial enterprise. 

Some of the most notable attractions in Birmingham include Birmingham Museum of Art, Kelly Ingram Park, Southern Museum of Flight, Alabama Museum Health Sciences, Carver Theatre, the McWane Science Center, Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum, and Talladega Superspeedway. 

Alongside famous attractions, Birmingham has been the home of many famous people.  The list includes Mary Anderson, R.G. Armstrong, Nell Carter, Louise Fletcher, Kate Jackson, Gail Patrick, Wayne Rogers, Channing Tatum, Tom York, Maria Taylor, Arthur Alber, Art Hanes, Gil Hill, and Tinsley Harrison.  Birmingham has also been the training ground of many athletes including Mike Anderson, Gene Bartow, Neil Bonnett, Jerricho Cotchery, Karlos Dansby, Tom Drake Eli Gold, Bo Jackson, Willie Mays, and Al Worthington. 

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Birmingham’s economy has since diversified, and today, other industries, including banking, insurance, medicine, publishing, and biotechnology are flourishing.  Birmingham is now one of the largest business and banking centers in the Southeastern US.  Furthermore, close to 36,000 lawyers choose to practice in Birmingham, and many have joined the Birmingham Bar Association and the Alabama Bar Association. Several of these attorneys work for firms that have additional offices in Huntsville that employ Huntsville lawyers.

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practice law in many areas, for example criminal defense law, personal bankruptcy law, real estate law, and divorce law.  Recently, the Jefferson County Commission authorized attorneys to file a counterclaim against two New York bond insurers, Financial Guaranty Insurance Corp. and Syncora Guarantee, Inc.  The county is seeking reimbursement for increased interest payments and insurance premiums that it paid this year after the bond insurers’ credit ratings were downgraded, causing the county’s auction rate securities to fall sharply. 

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