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Bethel Park recently upgraded its status from a borough to a home rule municipality. Bethel Park is home to 34,000 Allegheny County residents who frequent the city’s 11 community parks. Other Bethel Park attractions include the Bethel Park Community Center, South Park Wave Pool, and Blade Runners. Pittsburgh’s first drive-in theater located in Bethel Park is now occupied by South Park Commons, Jiffy Lube, and an Arby’s Restaurant.

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A number of Bethel Park citizens are also standout lawyers who are familiar with local Allegheny County courts. Lawyers in Bethel Park take a diverse variety of cases like wrongful termination, chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, automobile injury, and criminal cases like DUI and fraud.

Recently in Bethel Park, the battle over Allegheny County’s 7% drink tax will continue after a loss in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The high court blocked a referendum restaurant owners attempted to put on the ballot. The referendum would cap the tax at .5%, however, under the Bethel Park Home Rule Charter taxes cannot be set via ballots. Opponents of the 7% tax said they will use a pending lawsuit and political pressure in an attempt to quell the tax.

If you have a divorce or child custody issue in Bethel Park, you will be visiting the Family Division of the Fifth Judicial District Court of Common Pleas in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Common pleas court handles tort, contract, civil, probate, domestic relations, criminal, and juvenile cases to name a few. Immigration issues are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Philadelphia or York, Pennsylvania.

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