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Learn More About Bell, CA

Bell lies on the west bank of the Los Angeles River in Los Angeles County and is home to 36,000 residents. Bell gained much publicity after 55 Oscar statuettes were stolen from a loading dock in the city. Bell was also received some 4,000 Oscar Award ballots after they were misrouted to the Bell Post Office. In 2005, the city became a charter city and in 2007 they held their first disputed election for mayor in over 10 years.

Bell real estate lawyers, Bell Divorce Lawyers

Although it may seem like a homey small town, Bell is home to some outstanding lawyers. Lawyers in Bell undertake a broad mixture of cases, some normal examples include bankruptcy, child support, wrongful death, DUI cases, and the drafting of wills and trusts.

Recently in Bell, one of Bell Mayor Oscar Hernandez’s homes was raided by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department and found a methamphetamine lab capable of producing over 1,500 pounds of the drug. The rental home showed traces of being a meth lab and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement deemed it a superlab as a result of the amount of materials stockpiled. An ounce of meth was also found inside with an appraised value of $1,500 but agents couldn’t identify if it had been produced in the residence or elsewhere.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Bell, you will likely be visiting a Los Angeles County Superior Court and file with the Civil Division. The Los Angeles County Superior Court has jurisdiction over most cases that arise but it’s best to check with a bar certified lawyer in the area first to ensure you are filing correctly. California courts require that you file correctly or they may throw your case out and you will have to pay to re-file.

The best way to find a highly regarded Bell lawyer is through LegalMatch. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter provides forums on nearly every legal issue, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, and a number of other great quick reference materials. Check out our law blog for the musings of top legal industry professionals.

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