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Beaumont is a Riverside County city that has boomed 3 times its population in just 8 years. Beaumont’s 35,000 California residents enjoy a close proximity to San Bernardino, which is 20 miles northwest, and Los Angeles, roughly 90 miles west of Beaumont. Beaumont boasts shopping centers, movie theaters, public parks, and a number of other chain stores like Home Depot, Target, and Wal-Mart. A number of Beaumont residents are practicing lawyers. Lawyers in Beaumont advise on a wide range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, real estate, auto injury, and criminal cases like felonies and DUI charges.

Recently in Beaumont, the wife of a recently deceased man is accusing that the asbestos related disease he suffered was wrongfully caused. The widow of Weldon F. Duncan, the deceased man, named A.W. Chesterton, Atlantic Richfield, Anco Insulation, Babcock Borsig Power, Beazer East, CBS, Chevron, Cleaver Brooks, Crane Co., Crown, Cork and Seal, General Electric, Goodrich, Gulf Oil, Ingersoll Rand, Lockheed Martin, Sepco Corp., Texaco, Union Oil Company of California, Uniroyal Holdings and Unocal Corp in the wrongful death lawsuit.

If you have an asbestos or other lawsuit to file in Beaumont, you will be visiting the Riverside County Superior Court and filing with the Civil Division. Pending criminal charges in Beaumont will earn you a summons by the Criminal Division; however, other cases must be filed with the appropriate division. For example, domestic relations cases like divorce and small claims cases that do not exceed $5,000 should be filed with the Family Division and Small Claims Division respectively.

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