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Battle Creek is the third largest city in Michigan. Lovingly referred to by both locals and visitors alike as the “Cereal City,” Battle Creek is not only the birthplace of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, the inventor of breakfast cereal and founder of Kellogg, it is also home to the world headquarters of Post Foods, General Foods, and, of course, the Kellogg Company. However, beyond its quirky nickname, Battle Creek is a thriving city full of culture and history. Each year the city hosts its International Festival of Lights, a month long fair showcasing vibrant light displays, as well as Summerfest, an annual local music festival.

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Besides being the place where you can find almost every cereal ever created, Battle Creek is also a place to find a lot of wonderful attorneys. Battle Creek lawyers practice in many areas of law, including: bankruptcy, personal injury, mergers and acquisitions, employment law, divorce, family law, real estate, probate, elder law, wrongful termination, and criminal defense, just to name a few.
Recently, a Battle Creek student was badly burned in an accidental explosion at her high school. The student was watching her chemistry teacher demonstrate the effects different materials had in changing the color of fire when the teacher accidentally knocked over a bottle of flammable liquid onto the student. The teacher attempted to pick up the bottle, but forgot to turn off the blow torch he was holding and, as a result, the student suffered severe burns. A Battle Creek attorney was hired by the student’s parents to represent them in a negligence suit against the school district. The attorney successfully proved to the jury that the teacher was negligent and the court ruled in the student’s favor, awarding her compensation for her medical bills and emotional distress.
Battle Creek is incorporated within Calhoun County. Residents seeking to file a lawsuit must find an attorney who is well-versed in trying cases before the 37th Judicial Circuit Court of Michigan. Many judicial departments are located within this court, including probate court and family court. Those who need to resolve criminal matters must do so at the 10th District Court.
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