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Learn More About Bartlett, TN

Bartlett is a suburb of Memphis and home to 40,000 Shelby County residents, including several Memphis lawyers. Recently in Bartlett, the Bartlett Recreation Center was completed and boasts a 55,000 square foot facility that has swimming pools, a running track, workout rooms, racquetball, and basketball courts.

Bartlett Lawyers - Attorneys in Bartlett TN

A number of local Bartlett residents are also talented lawyers. Lawyers in Bartlett are familiar with local courts and procedures, some typical cases they take include: divorce, bankruptcy, real estate, lawsuit, and criminal cases like DUI.

Recently in Bartlett, Private 1st Class Joshua B. Etherton who was stationed at Fort Campbell was indicted on charges of stealing and selling military weapons. Etherton was apprehended when undercover ATF officers bought an M72A3 Antitank Rocket Launcher and multiple M67 hand grenades from him. He faces up to 20 years in federal prison and a $500,000 fine if he is found guilty. Proceedings have already begun for his discharge.

If you have divorce motion to file in Bartlett, it’s most likely that you will be visiting the Family Division of a Judicial District Court like the Shelby County Circuit Court or the Shelby County Chancery Court. While both courts offer domestic relations divisions with which to file, they do not offer to hear mental health or juvenile cases. Tennessee courts have a number of divisions with which to file and it’s often best to hire a Bartlett lawyer who is familiar with local courts and procedure to assure you case is handled expertly.

If you are looking for a Bartlett lawyer, LegalMatch is the simple solution. Not only will LegalMatch pair you with bar certified Bartlett lawyers, but LegalMatch’s LegalCenter is also a great place to do research on your particular case. The LegalCenter provides forums, a newsletter, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, a legal blog, and an online law library.

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