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One of Maryland’s largest counties, Baltimore County surprisingly does not include the city of Baltimore. Since it was sliced off from Baltimore in 1851, Baltimore County has remained primarily rural.

In the News: Baltimore County attorneys are currently involved on both sides of a lawsuit over the cancelled development of the Superblock. Lexington Square Partners recently filed suit against the city of Baltimore after they were denied an extension to procure more funding for what was projected to be a $152 million development project. A number of other lawsuits, including one initiated by the owner of the Baltimore Orioles, are aimed at stopping the development and have made procuring funding for the project difficult. Lexington Square Partners are seeking more than $50 million in damages for their troubles.

If you are facing a legal dispute in Baltimore County, Baltimore County lawyers can help you with in a variety of legal matters, including  personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, and wills and trusts.

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