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Bakersfield owes its name to former California State Senator Thomas Baker, a land surveyor who helped his fellow pioneers establish a community on the Kern river. Like many other California towns, Bakersfield became a city during the Great Depression, when refugees from the Midwest came to California in search of a better life and new opportunities.

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Bakersfield attorneys can assist you in a variety of capacities, including criminal law, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, divorce law, and many others. Bakersfield attorneys recently settled a $24.3 million lawsuit against the same PG&E plant in Hinkley, California that was made famous in the movie Erin Brokovich. The poisoned groundwater was responsible for the deaths of several people and the poisoning of hundreds more, but Ms. Brokovich’s original lawsuit left out almost 100 injured plaintiffs. Although it took 8 years, Bakersfield lawyers succeeded in compensating the people who got left out. helps you find a lawyer in Bakersfield

Today, Bakersfield is a large and unique community within California. If you have a legal problem in Bakersfield, can help you find a Bakersfield lawyer free of charge. offers you the unique ability to quickly and easily match your legal issue with a Bakersfield attorney experienced with your type of case. Simply explain your problem to, and we will connect you with Bakersfield lawyers that have handled similar cases to yours, completely free of charge.

You may know that any licensed California attorney is qualified to practice anywhere in the state. California is a big place, however. Each county has its own special rules and procedures. Bakersfield lawyers practice in Kern County and are familiar with the Kern County Superior Court and its various divisions.

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