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Learn More About Bailey's Crossroads

 Bailey’s Crossroads is an unincorporated community in Fairfax County that is home to 23,000 residents. Bailey’s Crossroads rests at the intersection of Pennsylvania State Route 7, known as Leesburg Pike, and State Route 244, known as the Columbia Pike.

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Bailey’s Crossroads has a convenient location and a number of reputable lawyers. Lawyers in Bailey’s Crossroads advise on a diverse selection of cases like bankruptcy, divorce, drug possession and DUI, real estate, and wrongful termination cases.

Recently in Bailey’s Crossroads, Officer Michael D. Weinhaus was responding to a fight in progress when he hit Jatinder K. Baboota who failed to yield to Weinhaus’ siren and emergency lights. Although Baboota died 2 weeks later, Officer Weinhaus is suing Baboota’s widow for $250,000 to compensate injuries he received in the crash.

If you have a lawsuit to file, or worse to defend against, than you will likely be visiting the Civil Division of a local Virginia Court. Virginia Courts have lots of different divisions with which to file which can be confusing. Your best bet is to consult a Bailey’s Crossing lawyer who is familiar with Virginia court procedure.

LegalMatch is the most reliable way to find a well qualified lawyer in Bailey’s Crossing, Virginia. LegalMatch’s free legal matching services will pair you with a Bailey’s Crossing lawyer that specializes in your particular area of legal assistance. LegalMatch has a great Forums section in their LegalCenter that can you can post questions and research more about your case. Check out the Law Blog for some interesting information.

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