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Babylon is a town in Suffolk County which is host to the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium, Robert Moses State Park, and Belmont Lake State Park. The town was founded in 1803 by Nathaniel Conklin which named it after the ancient city of Babylon.
Babylon lawyers are knowledgeable of Suffolk County and Babylon Courts. Lawyers in Babylon are able to consult you on nearly any case; some examples are real estate, personal injury, family, criminal, and bankruptcy cases.
Recently, the American Center for Law and Justice filed another lawsuit on behalf of the Romans Chapter Ten Ministries against Babylon for preventing a pastor from using town facilities for a religious speech. A Supreme Court previous ruled in 1999 against Babylon and overturned the town policy. However, Babylon officials are now trying to reinstate the policy with different wording making sure not to single out the bible study class. The lawsuit is ongoing.
If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit in Babylon, you will probably be visiting the Babylon Village Court which has jurisdiction over real property and small claims of $3,000 or less as well as city issued ordinance violations. For divorces you will have to visit the Suffolk County 10th Judicial District Court’s Family Division. To be sure that you are filing with the correct court and division it’s best if you have an experienced Babylon lawyer as your guide.
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