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Learn More About Avondale, AZ

Founded in 1880, the once sleepy town of Avondale has come a long way from its roots as an expansive and mostly empty 41-square mile agricultural lot in the middle of Arizona. Today, Avondale is a growing city on the rise. Since 2000, the city’s population has doubled to approximately 80,000 residents and is projected to increase to 120,000 by 2020. Avondale is also home to the Phoenix International Raceway, a one-mile NASCAR race track which hosts numerous racing events annually.

Avondale is also a great city to find many experienced and knowledgeable Avondale lawyers. Attorneys from this city practice across a wide gambit of law, including: personal injury, bankruptcy, estate planning, land-use and zoning law, family law, divorce, criminal defense, and employee benefits.

Recently, an Avondale resident was involved in a car accident. The resident was driving behind a tow truck with a car attached behind it. The locking mechanism on the tow truck was improperly fastened to the car and eventually broke loose, causing the attached car to crash into the Avondale resident. The resident lost the use of his legs due to the accident and filed a claim for medical compensation with his insurance company. But when the insurance company refused to pay for his medical bills, the resident hired an Avondale attorney. The attorney discovered that the insurance company denied the Avondale resident’s claim in bad faith since the company did not conduct an examination on the resident in accordance with his contract. The court found in favor of the Avondale resident and gave him a large monetary award.

If you want to file a lawsuit against another a party in Avondale, then you’ll need a qualified Avondale lawyer familiar with the Maricopa County Superior Court system, as well as the Maricopa Justice Court.

That’s where we come in. LegalMatch can help you find the right attorney no matter what city you live in. Whether you reside in a major metropolitan city or a small hamlet, our company’s personalized attorney-client matching service will always find the perfect lawyer just for you. So if you need a qualified Avondale attorney, but don’t know where to begin, visit LegalMatch and we’ll do the work for you. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all it’s absolutely free.

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