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A small town in Hartford County, Avon is one of Connecticut's oldest villages. Avon began as a small farming community along the Farmington River, and today it retains its rustic charm even amidst new growth. Its name is adopted from the Avon River in England, made famous for Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.

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Several years ago, Avon police officers filed a lawsuit against the town for discrimination. The suit accused Avon police of using racial profiling in their traffic stops, and of routinely pulling over black and Hispanic drivers solely because of their race. The $15 million lawsuit was eventually thrown out of court.
If you have a case in Avon, it will likely begin in the Hartford County Court system. Your Avon lawyer should be familiar with the rules and procedures of this court, as well the court's staff, judges, and other attorneys. This knowledge is crucial for the favorable resolution of your case.
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