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Attleboro is a Bristol County city that has a tragic history of cancer. In 2004, the Massachusetts Public Health Department found uranium fuel rods and volatile organic compounds in the Shpack Landfill in Attleboro. However, the city isn't all about bad new; Attleboro is also noted as the “Jewelry Capital of the World.”

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Attleboro plays host to a number of talented local lawyers who are familiar with the Bristol County courts. Lawyers in Attleboro take a wide array of cases; some examples include: personal injury, chapter 13 bankruptcy, child support, wrongful termination cases, and drafting will and trusts.
An Attleboro woman who suffered a stroke that left her quadriplegic recently won a class action case that will allow thousands of others who have suffered similar brain injuries to gain more freedom and move into community residences. Cathy Hutchinson and the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts’ lawsuit cited the American with Disabilities Act, holding the state responsible for improving the substandard services available to traumatic brain injury patients.
If you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Attleboro, you will probably be visiting the Civil Division of the Bristol County Superior Court. Superior courts also handle felony cases, tort, contract, and real property cases with no limit. Probate and family issues are handled at the Berkshire Probate and Family Court. The New Jersey District Courts also take a wide range of cases but do not hear more severe criminal cases or small claims cases exceeding $2,000.
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