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Aspen Hill Maryland is a census designated place in the central part of the state and it got its name from the aspen trees that were found near the first post office that was built in the area. Many families have flocked to this area and have thrived with the many parks that are available year round.

Aspen Hill MD Lawyers

When you have been named in a lawsuit that arose in Aspen Hill, there are many Aspen Hill lawyers that are ready to represent you. These attorneys are knowledgeable about many areas of law including divorce, wills and estates, civil rights, employment discrimination, contracts, personal injury, DUI, wrongful death, criminal defense, and more.
The widow and son of an Aspen Hill man who was struck and killed by a garbage truck in 2005 recently won their lawsuit against the two negligent parties. The man was waiting at the bus stop with his son when the accident occurred. A driver of a small car turned left in front of the garbage truck which was forced to make a sudden decision. In the end, the truck struck the Aspen Hill man and narrowly missed his son. The man died on the way to the hospital in the ambulance. Although the window and son were originally seeking $8 million in damages, the judge and jury eventually decided to award the Aspen Hill family just over $300,000.
Aspen Hill is served primarily by the Montgomery County Circuit Court which is located nearby in Rockville. Because this court has its own local rules, it is important to have a legal representative who knows and is comfortable in this court. An Aspen Hill attorney can do this for your case.
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