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Learn More About Apple Valley, MN


In 2008, Money Magazine named Apple Valley the 24th best place to live in the United States, up from 28th the year before. Apple Valley is the home of the Minnesota Zoo. This zoo is nationally famous and houses hundreds of animals from all over the world. With almost 50,000 people living in Apple Valley, it is the 15th largest city in Minnesota.
When you need legal services in Apple Valley, you should consider speaking to one of the many talented Apple Valley lawyers. These legal professionals can represent you in many areas of law including divorce, DUI, personal injury, criminal procedure, automobile accidents, criminal defense, alimony and more.
A local high volume restaurant in Apple Valley was recently found to have been the source of the outbreak of Campylobacter. This bacteria is spiral shaped and is commonly found in the intestines of many birds. It is thought that the people who were sickened by this bacteria had a chicken dish at the Apple Valley restaurant. In all, one out of every nine people who ingested the tainted meat became seriously ill and required hospitalization. There is currently a lawsuit that is seeking more plaintiffs and will be filed soon.
If you are planning on filing a lawsuit in Apple Valley, you will likely have to visit the Dakota County First Judicial District Court which takes all types of cases that arise in Apple Valley. A local attorney can help guide you through this legal system.
LegalMatch is perhaps the best way to be matched with an experienced Apple Valley lawyer. By reviewing prices, availability, and past clients’ reviews, you will be sure you are hiring the best lawyer for your situation. You can also read helpful hints in our LegalCenter before beginning on this process.
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