Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Today's Tip: Keep Tabs on Your Conversions 

Do you know where your clients are coming from? How they find you?

You may already have a general guess as to where your business is generated, but can you map out the exact figures? If you can't, you're not in the minority.

Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Lawyers spend hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars trying to get new clients in the door each year. And it's not surprising. There are plenty of channels to line with your cash: the Yellow Pages, internet advertising, newspaper ads, and television commercials have all become familiar turf for attorney marketing.

But how do you know which channel will work the best for you? Unless you know the cost per acquisition for each channel you invest in, and you know exactly how much profit you made from that one case, your marketing efforts are probably far less than optimal.

So what can you do to get a handle on your finances?

For example, you spend $1,000 per month to place your ad in the Yellow Pages. That ad brings in 15 leads. Of those 15 leads, only 4 turn into paying clients. And (for simplicity's sake) each of those paying cases earns you $500.

Once you have this knowledge you can calculate the following for each marketing effort:

Once you determine your conversion rate, effectiveness, and concentration, you will be able to make an informed decision to focus your marketing budget on proven marketing methods. Methods that, by reviewing your data, you know will work. By doing this, you can maximize your ROI, save yourself the headache of worrying over ineffective marketing channels, and (most importantly) stop wasting money on dead-end advertising efforts.

Want to go a step further?  Start tracking where your quality clients are coming from.

While "quality" is a relative term, it can also be an extremely useful one—but you will need to define it. So before you get started, decide what a "quality client" means to you. From there, you can work out the perfect intersection between the marketing efforts that provide you with (1) the greatest number of quality clients and (2) the best return on your investment.

Voila!  It's that easy.

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Innovating How Lawyers Find Clients

LegalMatch has constantly been pushing the envelope to simplify how lawyers and clients find each other for over a decade now. Staying on the cutting edge is paramount for a successful company so it was an obvious decision for LegalMatch to create an outlet for Facebook users.

The LegalMatch Facebook Fan Page provides a solid social networking platform for sharing company events and providing helpful links to our various free legal resources. LegalMatch is excited to announce that users may now post cases directly from the Facebook fan page via the new LegalMatch Facebook Fan Case Intake.

The "Present Your Case Today!" tab puts Facebookers directly into the process of finding a bar certified LegalMatch lawyer; they simply click the case category to begin. Clients keep coming back to LegalMatch because all lawyers are backed by the LegalMatch Guarantee and they know they'll be getting the most reliable client-lawyer matching in America.

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Are There Too Many Lawyers in Government?

Political and governmental positions are often so interlaced with making laws, that it is no wonder they attract a disproportionate amount of lawyers.

According to the Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, 244 of the 535 members (46%) of the 102nd Congress were lawyers. That's a huge percentage, especially when you consider that attorneys only make up less than ½% of the population. Throw in that the majority of the Judicial Branch is also lawyers, plus over half of U.S. presidents, and you soon realize that lawyers control a large part of the U.S. government.

James Madison warned of the "tyranny by government in the same hands" in Federalist 47, and the importance of a diversified system of checks and balances.  Luckily, lawyers hold widely divergent viewpoints, from conservative to liberal and all points in between, so there is little concern that lawyers will unify into a single voting block.

Furthermore, it's reasonable for people who are interested and have studied law to want to become part of the political process. Lawyers are, after all, well acquainted with the theories behind and history of our legal system and government. Saying that lawyers control too many government positions is derivative to declaring that too many doctors are surgeons. Politicians and lawyers essentially share the same skill set: eloquence, knowledge, and logic.

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LegalMatch Maintains A+ Better Business Bureau Rating

LegalMatch is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has maintained an A+ rating since joining in 2005. Maintaining client relationships are very important and LegalMatch works hard to help their subscribing attorneys integrate the service into their legal practices.

Check out some LegalMatch attorney success stories to see how attorneys just like you have used LegalMatch to build their practice. LegalMatch is America's #1 client-lawyer matching service and continues to pioneer how quality clients and lawyers find each other.

"LegalMatch has saved me time and money with their intake system that allows prescreening of potential clients and lets me decide which cases I want to take. By consulting with more quality clients, I can avoid worthless consultations and spend time on cases that deserve attention and add value to my practice."

- J.D. Paris, a LegalMatch Member Attorney in Family Law, on February 1, 2010

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