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January 2005
Welcome to the January 2005 issue of The Legal Chamber, your LegalMatch Member Attorney Newsletter. This issue promises to deliver valuable information regarding LegalMatch's upgrades, additional opportunities on how to increase your exposure with potential clients, and compelling case studies from LegalMatch Member Attorneys.

Call for Submissions
LegalMatch in the News
New Web Portal
Revised Client Home Page
Pro Bono Profile
Attorney Photo Guidelines
Two Attorney Case Studies

Call for Submissions

Starting in mid-January, the LegalCenter will debut as the national consumer resource for legal information. Providing legal information in over 2500 articles in 220 categories of law, the LegalCenter will represent one of the largest legal databases on the Internet. Free, comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to use, the LegalCenter is created specifically for consumers and is designed to help consumers with everyday legal matters. Currently, LegalMatch is looking for current Member Attorneys to submit articles to the LegalCenter in order to help build our database of legal information. If you have an article, previously published or not, that you would like to see be a part of the LegalCenter, please submit your article to


LegalMatch in the News
LegalMatch is pleased to announce a number of recent developments affecting Member Attorneys and consumers alike. On August 23rd LegalMatch unveiled RAM3, our latest targeting engine software designed to improve consumer access to attorneys. In addition, on October 8th our brand new Web portal launched nationally. And finally, LegalMatch clients will now experience a new look and feel to their home page. Please read about these LegalMatch developments in further detail below.

RAM3 is a revolutionary breakthrough in the attorney/client matching services industry, and should significantly advance client acquisition services for LegalMatch Member Attorneys. The new software platform segments the market by more than 3,000 U.S. counties and detects membership openings arising from elevated consumer case volume while simultaneously providing detailed business intelligence and market analyses more precisely than was previously possible…(please read entire press release here)

New Web Portal
On October 8th, a new and improved LegalMatch debuted nationally. The Web site ( was designed to become the de facto law resources portal for consumers and attorneys, and already the new look and feel of LegalMatch is being well-received by consumers and attorneys alike. Beginning in mid-January, the new portal will also contain a comprehensive consumer law resource center, the LegalCenter, which will be accessible to all those looking to make more informed decisions about the law and attorney representation…(please read the entire press release here)

Revised Client Home Page
LegalMatch clients can now see the result of major changes on the LegalMatch Web site. We've improved the Client Home Page. Directions are clearer, more information is easily accessible, and the look and feel is greatly improved. Here are some of our most recent enhancements:

  • Streamlined client notification system. Any client receiving a response from a LegalMatch Member Attorney will be immediately alerted via email to log back into their LegalMatch account, or "Client Home Page" to view attorney responses.
  • New look and feel to the attorney profile, response message, and attorney contact information.
  • Attorney photos are now prominently displayed with attorney responses. Click here for our new attorney photo guidelines.
  • Easy-to-follow layout of all attorney pages.
  • Attorney rating system now includes client reminders and a simpler rating process.
  • For attorneys who have volunteered for our case study program, potential clients will now be able to view a special, client-specific case study program story highlighting your experiences with past clients.

Potential clients now have a more informative, simplified experience on their Client Home Page. As a result, LegalMatch Member Attorneys should see a spike in client retention and participation.

The revised Client Home Page, RAM 3, and the new Web portal are just some of the many recent developments at We are constantly updating our technology to provide the most efficient possible client experience at LegalMatch - we know satisfied clients are integral to the attorney/client relationship and we're working hard to ensure that LegalMatch remains the best way to develop and focus your law practice.

Pro Bono Profile: Aron Laub
In answer to LegalMatch's Pro Bono Challenge, Member Attorney Aron Laub told us about a client he just couldn't help but defend:
Homeless and living in a patch of bushes bordering the Los Angeles County Courthouse parking lot, Mr. Laub's client was merely litter in the eyes of the city government.
Often seeing him on his way to argue a case, Laub reflects that the man was soiled and carried a very offensive odor. "The city wanted him out, and they arrested him for creating a public nuisance," says Laub.
He describes his client as rather unique - he was college educated, but freely chose to live a transient life. People often gave him money and other assistance, but he would only accept what he needed. The police found over $3,000 in his sleeping bag when he was arrested - handouts given to him from passersby.
One of Mr. Laub's assistants spoke with the man in jail and communicated some of the details of the arrest. After Laub visited the homeless man himself, he decided to take the case pro bono.
"He was charged under a statute used to prevent pollution of the neighborhood, but I argued the man was not creating a nuisance according to the law," says Laub. According to Laub, the man's smell and appearance were more of a "cultural offense," the issue being whether odor and cleanliness were "a form of self expression or a form of pollution, and if so, by whose standards?"  
Laub's questioning signaled to the court the need for further, extensive study, causing the prosecution to back off and request that the judge dismiss the case.
Laub takes approximately one case a year, and is currently working on a pro bono case involving a mentally ill indigent woman facing multiple misdemeanors.
When asked what motivates him to keep helping others, Laub replies: "Consciousness carries the responsibility to act. I am not someone who simply walks with a blind eye."
"I believe we all have a responsibility to leave the world in a better place than how we found it. We live in a very unjust society where people who are powerful abuse others in order to maintain their status and privilege. The way I fight back is to use my profession to protect individuals," says Laub.

Take On the Challenge!
LegalMatch wants to help the legal profession change negative public perception of attorneys one story at a time. Do you have an extraordinary story to tell about one of your pro bono projects? Yours may be a feature item in our consumer newsletter (distributed to over 50,000 subscribers) and may even be used as part of our national media outreach campaign. Don't let your good deeds go unnoticed! Just write a brief one or two sentence summary to ( today! We will contact you for additional details thereafter.

Picture It! - Attorney photos now to accompany response messages
As part of our recent revision of the Client Home Page, each new response message will now include a thumbnail photo of you to help personalize your message. We've also included a provision for a larger, enhanced photo to accompany your Attorney Profile. Member Attorneys will now have the option of including two photographs, one headshot and one, if you so choose, of you with your staff or in your office. At LegalMatch, your success is our success. We want to maximize your odds of being retained on any particular offer, and we've found that a simple, professional photo of a smiling you can make all the difference for a client deciding between two attorneys.
We're looking for photos that are well-lit, flash-free, and framed from the waist up. A headshot of you in a dark suit contrasted against a solid, light colored wall is preferred.

Here is a sample attorney photo which is ideal for your LegalMatch profile:
 Sample Attorney Profile PhotoWe've got a number of ways you can submit your new photo…the process is quick and easy! So give your Attorney Profile a fresh boost by offering a new photo of yourself. For more information and helpful hints for attorney photos, please take a moment to review our new attorney photo guidelines and show prospective clients you've got your game face on! Photos can be sent via email to

Two of a Kind…But in their own Time
Both Burton P., a family law attorney in the Chicago area, and Gregory B., a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles, signed on to LegalMatch in August 2003, and both attorneys share outstanding reputations in the legal profession. In addition to his steady stream of family law clients, Burton volunteers with CRASH (Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways), a nationwide, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to improving truck safety on U.S. highways. And Gregory, who firmly believes "it's not just what you know, but who you know," is steadily gaining a reputation for his sincere, yet aggressive style and has recently been featured on "Good Morning America" as an expert legal commentator.
 Burton P. PhotoDespite their similarities, their initial experiences with LegalMatch couldn't be more different. "At first, I was disappointed with the service," recalls Burton, "and I was a bit apprehensive about having dropped so much money for a long term contract." In the first few months of Burton's membership, the attorney struggled to engage clients while trying to determine exactly what the glitch was. Meanwhile, Gregory landed a case in the first month that paid for his initial membership fee, then promptly tripled his original investment over the course of a dozen cases.
 Gregory B. PhotoBut it didn't take too long for Burton to discover what the problem was. "I realized that I was relying on templates too much," recollects Burton. "LegalMatch clients are a special breed, and once I understood how well potential clients responded to individual case responses, the service really took off for me." And take off it did. Burton estimates that he's since engaged approximately 20 clients and more than quadrupled his original LegalMatch investment.
Both attorneys maintain that a personal touch is an absolute necessity; whether in the attorney profile, an individual response message, or a photo, potential clients respond favorably to those attorneys who take the time to address each individual's concerns. Now that Burton's weathered his rocky start and Gregory's settled into the LegalMatch system, both are ready to ride their recent success into the years to come.

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