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  Welcome to the Summer 2007 issue of The Legal Chamber, our quarterly publication for LegalMatch members. In this issue, we’ll offer some tips on how to get the most out of personalized client communications, discuss LegalMatch’s perfect-ten rating from TrustGauge, and reveal our five nominees for the Lawyer of the Year program.  
In This Issue:
Making It Personal: Part One
LegalMatch Earns Perfect 10 From
"Lawyer of the Year" Winners Announced for 2006
How Does LegalMatch Get Clients?
LegalMatch Opens Its Doors in Austin
Help a friend... tell them about LegalMatch

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  Making It Personal:
How To Get The Most Out of Your LegalMatch Profile

  1040 FormWith the bulk of modern Americans slogging daily through spam, junk mail, and circuitous customer service platforms, it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself as a living, breathing, human being.

Automation is the last thing that potential clients want to encounter when they're service-seeking — either online or off — and outdated information is high on the charts when it comes to consumer turn-offs. If you want to maximize your client acquisition rate, your LegalMatch profile should be inviting, your communications should be engaging, and your presentation should be clear and current. Even if you already make an expert first impression in your face-to-face business dealings, you may need to rethink what it means to do the same online.

Is your online presentation in need of a revamp? Take a look at our first installation below, and get your marketing brain in gear.


You may be skeptical about the benefits of a profile photo, but in an online profile your photo can serve as a welcome respite from a text-only landscape. A colorful photograph gives consumers a visual starting point for their perusal of your page, and it serves the additional purpose of reminding clients that they are dealing with a real person: You.

The ideal profile photo is current, professional, and in color. In fact, "current" and "in color" should always go hand-in-hand here. Black and white, sepia, or "antiqued" photos may seem like the most professional option available on your CyberShot, but it's almost inevitably better to resist the gimmick mode and shoot in color. Color is honest, warm, and open, and it can bring life to an otherwise standardized page.

If you're still clinging to a favorite vintage portrait, let it go.

This current/color rule goes double for lawyers who are hanging on to photos from their younger days. If you're still clinging to a favorite vintage portrait, let it go. You can work it in somewhere else, but your primary photo should never be more than a year old. Be confident enough to present yourself as you are now, and you'll save your client the discomfort of a paradigm shift when they meet you in person.

Professionalism is another aspect to consider, but it doesn't necessarily coincide with hiring a professional photographer. Have a friend take a series of shots in a well-lit room or, for a more natural effect, consider doing your photo shoot outdoors. Natural light can develop rich colors, and the best light for outdoor photos comes up with the sun, continues through early morning, and becomes available again as the sun is setting. Regardless of where you position your shoot, make sure that you take a lot of photos. The more snapshots you take, the more likely it is that you'll find one that works for your page.

If you don't have access to a digital camera, remember that most photo developers can digitalize your film right at the lab. Ask about getting your photos put on a CD or diskette. You will be able to upload them to LegalMatch just as easily as if they were taken digitally.

(For parts two and three, check the Fall 2007 issue of The Legal Chamber.)
Part Two: Writing the anti-resume.
Part Three: Make templates, not form letters.

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  LegalMatch Earns Perfect 10 From
  If you have visited the LegalMatch homepage in recent months, you may have noticed that there are three unique badges at the bottom of our homepage. These buttons might not seem immediately relevant to your site usage, but they represent a concept that is a vital component of our business practice — Trust.

LegalMatch is verified through three respected trust and reliability programs: ValidatedSite, Trust-e, and BBB, the Better Business Bureau's reliability program. The BBB alone provides information on over 2.5 million organizations, and has evaluative experience extending as far back as 1912. As an approved BBB business, LegalMatch is held to a standard of customer service that necessitates swift problem resolution, advertising integrity, and a willingness to use arbitration to settle disputes.

With three trust-enforcing organizations on its side, it comes as little surprise that now lists LegalMatch as the most trusted legal directory online. Earning a perfect 10 rating from, LegalMatch surpassed every single site in's legal and legal directory categories, with runners-up meriting 5/10 scores at the high end and 1/10 at the lowest.


A 2000 Martindale-Hubbell report found that 88% of consumers think it's important that they can trust their lawyer, while 72% of Americans believed that it was hard to know who to trust when choosing a lawyer. One quarter of Americans even suggested that not trusting their lawyer would be grounds enough to fire them.

As a member attorney with LegalMatch, you are a part of one of the most reliable matching services for clients and attorneys in the nation. We invite you to review our security and trust reports for all of our seals, which are accessible by clicking the ValidatedSite, Trust-e, and BBB icons on our main page.

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  "Lawyer of the Year" Winners Announced for 2006
  Lawyer Year

LegalMatch recently selected five ace attorneys to receive their 2006 Lawyer of the Year award. Each of these attorneys has made great strides in the past year — as a businessperson, a lawyer, and a member of LegalMatch.

The LegalMatch Lawyer of the Year program was first conceived in 2005 as a way to celebrate the achievements of our member attorneys. Our 2006 awards represent the second year in what is now an annual ceremony. Last year LegalMatch recognized four outstanding lawyers from four unique areas of practice. Winners Denise Nalley (Criminal Law), Mazyar Hedayat (Bankruptcy), Alicia Henning (Family Law), and Richard Kolomejec (Immigration Law) participated in interviews with their Marketing Managers at LegalMatch, received extensive Success Story coverage, and were honored with both an office wall plaque and a unique emblem on their LegalMatch profile-- letting potential clients know that they were recognized as a 2005 Lawyer of the Year.

You can access our 2005 Press Release for more information about last year's winners.

THIS YEAR, our award recipients hail from across the country and from a variety of focuses, including Family Law, Employment Law, and Business Transaction Law. Our 2006 Lawyer of the Year winners are:

Photo of Family Law lawyer Carrington Mead  Carrington Mead: Family Law (FL)

Attorney David Locks Headshot Image  David Locks: Wills, Trusts, & Estates (IL)

LegalMatch Employment Lawyer of the Year Image  Crystal James: Employment (GA)

Attorney Richard Kolomejec Headshot Image  Richard Kolomejec: Immigration (CA)

Photo of Business Transactions
		lawyer Julian Chan  Julian Chan: Business Transactions (CA)

As before, each Lawyer of the Year winner will be interviewed for a Success Story write-up and have their profile marked with a special seal denoting their Lawyer of the Year status. They will also receive a commemorative plaque in recognition of their accomplishments.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming Lawyer of the Year press release, where we will be announcing the final winner of our Lawyer of the Year title.

Are you interested in becoming the next Lawyer of the Year?

One of the most influential factors in the choice of Lawyer of the Year winners is client feedback. If you don't already use the LegalMatch rating system and you'd like to be considered for next year's Lawyer of the Year program, you can benefit immediately by reminding past and present customers to rate your performance.

Alternatively, write to your Marketing Manager at LegalMatch and ask them what you can do to be considered for next year's Lawyer of the Year celebration. They will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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  How Does LegalMatch Get Clients?
  The question above is one that LegalMatch fields more frequently than any other: Where do we get our clients from? And how do we go about encouraging them to register their cases?

Over 80% of the U.S. adult population uses the Internet to find information, and legal information is no exception. Users find LegalMatch by typing in search engine queries, through referrals from our strategic partnerships, and by way of press coverage in publications like Forbes, Business Week, and Oprah Magazine.
Over 80% of the U.S. adult population uses the Internet to find information, and legal information is no exception.


Many internet users neglect to type just "lawyers" or "law" when they're searching on Google or Yahoo (typing "lawyer" into Yahoo, for instance, would render thousands of generic results), but that doesn't mean that they aren't looking for legal solutions. They exclude or minimize these terms not because they don't have a legal issue, but because they are often seeking an answer to a specific legal question (for example, more information about custody laws in their state). LegalMatch works to predict and target these kinds of search queries, and its success in doing so gives it access to a wellspring of users that practice solution-seeking behaviors.


Our strategic partnerships are another channel for client traffic. LegalMatch has been partnered with the Utah State Bar Association since 2003, and functions as the primary lawyer matching service for the state. LegalMatch also nurtures an affinity partnership with the NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers), a professional bar association with over 12,500 members. With both partnerships remaining strong, we are able to accept new referrals to LegalMatch each month.

LegalMatch also maintains partnerships with Google, MSN, Yahoo, and others.


LegalMatch's press coverage is the final contributor to LegalMatch's successful client relationships. View our press releases and media coverage sections and see for yourself how good press can contribute to increased client acquisition.

With over 1/4 of a million people visiting LegalMatch each month, you can be sure that we are doing our utmost to bring new clients to your practice.

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  LegalMatch Opens Its Doors in Austin
  The past year has brought forth a surge in Texas consumer cases, and with it a new LegalMatch office has been established. Situated in the heart of the Lone Star State, our Austin offices provide a home base for LegalMatch service to all areas of the Southwestern United States.

FTC and the Texas State Bar both approve online legal matching as a viable option for lawyers and clients
The decision to open in Austin followed favorable rulings by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Texas State Bar, both of whom approved online legal matching as a viable option for lawyers and clients. The FTC even went so far as to predict that web-based matching services will ultimately lower legal costs for Texas consumers.

"Texas is the center of the southwest and dominates the region in population," says LegalMatch CEO Laurie Ziffrin, "We need a strong presence there to assure that we can service the enormous amount of people looking for a better way to find the right attorney."

LegalMatch's Austin office is the third that has been established, complimenting those which already operate in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Neal Carmichael heads this new division.

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  Help a friend... tell them about LegalMatch.
  Here at LegalMatch, we are in the business of helping people who think they might need legal representation by answering their questions and giving them choices. If you know someone who might need our help, just forward this newsletter to them.

When someone needs a lawyer (or even think they might need a lawyer), it's likely that they're going through a very stressful time in their life. LegalMatch's services have helped tens of thousands of people every month answer their legal questions and find the right lawyer, with little effort and no expense.

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