Google, LegalMatch and you . . .
To kick off the summer, LegalMatch made a major investment on your behalf! In early June, we purchased top placement on the search engine Google for nearly 100 common legal terms. As the #1 search engine on the Web, Google conducts about 150 million searches daily. This means it’s getting nearly impossible for consumers not to find LegalMatch . . . Read more
Featured Client  
Chris G. handed over $10,000 and signed a two-year lease on a new apartment. When circumstances changed his moving plans, his landlord informed him he was still on the hook for nearly $60,000! Chris’ LegalMatch attorney knew better . . . Read more
Featured Attorney Brian D. Photo
After years of big-firm work, Brian D. started his own practice in northern California. He contacted LegalMatch because he wanted "to screen cases easily, to avoid getting cold calls, and to pick and choose my clients . . " Read more
Important System Changes…
The LegalMatch is constantly evolving in response to attorney suggestions. To make our content easily accessible, we have revised our navigation system, moving to a cascading design that reveals 2nd and 3rd level links as your mouse rolls over the choices. The links for managing your account now reside in the button on the top labeled "My LegalMatch". Roll your mouse over the button and all links to account management are now available.  
New Menus
Clients, Clients, Clients
Two new pages of the LegalMatch website are now devoted to our client acquisition efforts. Be sure to take a look at our new Partners page, designed to explain our business relationships, as well as our Client Acquisition page, which provides further details on how we bring you cases.
Engaged? We Need to Know!
We'd like to remind you of a small but important addition to your Attorney Home Page. There is now an "Engage" button next to all your cases, designed to help you report each client you engage through LegalMatch more easily. The button provides an effortless way to meet your contractual obligation to report the clients you've gotten through our service. Many thanks in advance for making a quick return to your Home Page to click the "Engaged" button. Call or email our Attorney Account Management team with any problems or questions. Engaged
Clients Must Win. Attorneys Must Win.
LegalMatch is 100% committed to these goals. We insist on helping you practice only the law you love with efficiency and financial success. Our Attorney Account Management team is always here to help you. To contact them, simply email or call 1-866-WE-LEGAL.