Welcome to Summer with LegalMatch!

Ever wonder what people are saying about you? Well, we'll let you in on it. Our Summer newsletter brings you client testimonials, as well as an in-depth story on a featured client. See for yourself how LegalMatch attorneys are coming to the rescue of people in need nationwide. You'll also get the scoop on all the latest happenings at LegalMatch, plus new Attorney FAQs and system features. Read on!



Clients are Winning


Read testimonials and meet our Featured Client of the Month! Cyndie McGrayne and her husband John needed help fast. The situation for John's three children, who were living with their mother and her new partner, had become "unlivable" according to his eldest daughter. Read more

Don't Let Priority Cases Pass You By!

The LegalMatch Priority Service, which targets urgent, higher-value cases, has been a big success! As a result, we've added another feature, Real-Time Priority, to provide further accelerated service to clients needing immediate legal help. And, for a limited time, we're granting you free access to these unique Real-Time Priority cases. Pay special attention to cases marked with "Priority" icons - these clients need representation now and have paid LegalMatch to help them get it. Click here to learn more Priority Service details.

Priority Service Logo
Priority Service Logo

Two Important New System Changes�

1.      Wondering which clients have read your Offer Messages? On the "My Cases" section of your home page, you'll now find a "Client Views" feature showing you whether a client has viewed your Offer Message, Profile, or Contact Information. Remember, if you're not getting enough views, you may want to re-visit our Offer Message Guidelines. (link to page). Also, you can now follow up on your Offers by marking them with the "Engage" or "Cancel" buttons.

2.      All cases broadcast via email will now include client locations.



Everything You've Always Wanted to Know�

�about LegalMatch, but were afraid to ask! Login to our new Attorney FAQs to learn about everything ranging from client acquisition efforts to changing your membership specifications. If you've forgotten your password or want to change it, click on the "forgotten password question" and answer it correctly. If you've forgotten your username, email or call 1-866-93-LEGAL.



Meet Your Distinguished Company�

Mark B.

LegalMatch admits only attorneys of superior integrity and competence. Among our accomplished members is Mark B, whose humanistic approach to practicing law is easy to discern. Read more

Case Posting Records Keep Breaking!

LegalMatch marketing efforts are generating record-breaking numbers of cases each week. This month, we've begun working with Commission Junction to keep the numbers rising. Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network that helps Internet users find LegalMatch through thousands of smaller Web sites. If you know of any Web sites that could benefit from helping their users find great attorneys, please have them visit the LegalMatch Affiliate page.
To learn more about LegalMatch case acquisition efforts, login to our new Attorney FAQs.
Remember, LegalMatch is 100% committed to helping you practice only the law you love with efficiency and financial success. Our Attorney Account Management team is always here to help you. To contact them, simply email or call 1-866-93-LEGAL.