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Marketing Your Practice with LegalMatch
You know you’re a great attorney, and LegalMatch knows it too. But sometimes a client needs more than facts and figures. The most successful LegalMatch attorneys have taken time to build a compelling profile; check out our new Marketing Tips section to find out how you can, too...
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LegalMatch Case Studies
Curious how LegalMatch is working for your fellow attorneys across the country? Our new Case Study program is the only way to get referrals from other LegalMatch attorneys and receive a free Profile Upgrade, including a prominent photo on our website! Meet successful attorneys like Fred R., who spoke to us on his way to trial for a LegalMatch business litigation case against a Fortune 100 company...( Read more ). Fred R. Photo
Your Listing Priority: What's it Really Worth?
Aside from your social security digits, there probably isn't a more important number than your LegalMatch Listing Priority. This number determines the order in which member attorneys are listed to prospective clients within our system, as well as the order in which Offer Messages are presented. If three attorneys express interest in the same case, the client is notified of all three, but the attorney who joined LegalMatch earlier is presented first. So, the earlier you joined LegalMatch, the faster your Profile and Offer Message are read by clients!

LegalMatch believes in rewarding attorneys for being early adopters and making clients happy. From 2002 onward, Listing Priority will be determined by each attorney's registration date (50%) and by a calculated customer satisfaction index derived from survey ratings (50%). As attorneys across the country continue to discover and join LegalMatch based on our fast-growing case load, your Listing Priority will increase in value exponentially.
Website User Announcement
If your legal jurisdiction or geographic area has changed since you joined LegalMatch, please call our Attorney Account Management Department (800-897-2670) to make the correction. In order to maintain accuracy, these modifications cannot be made without the assistance of LegalMatch staff.
New Business Developments
LegalMatch is now the premier legal services provider for AskJeeves , which is visited by 16 million users daily! This milestone, along with our January AOL Time Warner deal, establishes LegalMatch as a highly visible option for consumers seeking an attorney.

LegalMatch and Abacus Law , a leading practice management software provider, have partnered to deliver new client lead notification integrated into Abacus Law's latest version 14.
Abacus Law

Read more about business developments at our Partners Page .
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