LegalMatch Attorney Case Studies
The LegalMatch Attorney Case Study Program offers an opportunity for outstanding LegalMatch Member Attorneys to highlight their practice and accomplishments while speaking about their experiences with the LegalMatch program. LegalMatch enables Member Attorneys to develop and focus their practices while increasing revenue and saving time. Here are some of their experiences:
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Save Time
    Adam C. — Kansas City, Business & Commercial Law
    Adele A. — Baltimore/Washington, Family Law
    Andrea W. — West Florida, Family & Bankruptcy Law
Video Case Study - Windows Media format Video Case Study - QuickTime format    Anthony L. — San Francisco Bay Area, Criminal Defense
    Christopher R. — Southern California, PI, Criminal, Probate
    Fred R. — Los Angeles, Business Litigation
    Jeffrey P. — New York City, Family Law
    Marc L. — San Diego, Employment & Labor Law
    Mazyar H. — Chicago, Construction Law
    Paul C. — San Mateo, CA, Criminal Defense
Focus Your Practice
    Alicia H. — Salt Lake City, Family Law
    Eric S. — New York City, Family Law
    Joel A. — Philadelphia, PI, Commercial Law
    Ken W. — New York City, Civil Litigation
    Richard S. — Encino, CA, Commercial Law, PI
    Scot C. — Pittsburgh, Family & Employment Law, PI
Increase Revenue
    Alan G. — New York City, PI, Real Estate
    David Z. — Atlanta, Criminal Defense, PI
    Gregory B. — Beverly Hills, Criminal Law
    Jerome S. — Dallas, Family Law
    John A. — San Francisco, PI, Wills, Trusts, Estates
    John D. — Boston, Employment Law
    John S. — Vallejo, CA, Criminal Law
    Jonathan R. — Boston, Business & Real Estate Law
    Larry H. — Dallas, Bankruptcy & Tax Law
    Mark B. — Los Angeles, Personal Injury
    Matt K. — Pittsburgh, PI, Medical Malpractice
Video Case Study - Windows Media format Video Case Study - QuickTime format    Richard K. — San Francisco, Immigration
Video Case Study - Windows Media format Video Case Study - QuickTime format    Roxanne M. — Sacramento, Family Law
    Tom M. — Los Angeles, Employment Law, Civil Litigation
    Wayne O. — Costa Mesa, CA, Commercial Law
*Because LegalMatch values the privacy of our Member Attorneys, the full names of Case Study program participants are not disclosed.