The Legal Chamber Newsletter • January 2011

Top Places to Buy Law Books Cheap

Top Places to Buy Law Books CheapAs a company in both the legal and tech fields, LegalMatch sleuths around the internet to find cool stuff to present to you. We get especially excited when what we find is also a deal! If you've got an office that's not jam-packed with awesome looking leather bound law books, you're missing out (I hear they're also great for research, too :).

What happens if your database subscription goes down or becomes too expensive to maintain? Also, how do you plan on punishing associates?

Check out any of these places for great deals on legal books for seasoned attorneys, law students, and laymen:

  • BarristerBooks - They may not have prices as low as Amazon, but the books are new, the legal options are great, and you'll have it in 2 days!
  • LawBooksForLess - Sure, this site offers competitive pricing on standard books like Black's Law Dictionary. But they also have a much wider selection than Barrister Books, and an extensive Legal Fiction section.
  • Powell's Books - If you're not looking for anything in particular, check in with Powell's Books' used law book section. There are some amazing deals.
  • LawBookExchange - Their savings on site design are passed directly on to you! Buying, selling, and trading books isn't a new concept, but these guys have gotten some pretty great reviews from clients.

There are lots of other great sites out there for beefing up your legal library. We aren't advocating going back to the old system of flipping pages-those little thumb rubbers never did fit quite right. It is always nice to have a real book for reference and studies have shown reading and copying text by hand makes the information easier to remember. Oh right, there's an app for that.

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5 Ways to Save Money on Website Maintenance

5 Ways to Save Money on Website MaintenanceMany of us had a website before it became a viable way to attract new clients. Obviously, today's web design and maintenance programs are increasingly user-friendly and we cannot continue to practice without a web presence. That'd be like cancelling your office phone.

But how can you best manage your website with a minimal amount of outside input (i.e. dollars spent)?

Below are 5 of the top ways other lawyers have begun website cost cutting:

  1. Host your site using blog software like Wordpress. In many cases, these sites charge you a flat rate each year that includes your domain registration and all that stuff. Shop around - there are deals out there!
  2. Create a community, both online and offline. Make connections with other lawyers in your community. Not only can you shuffle each other's business, you can also trade links to increase your web presence and write collaborative blogs that demonstrate your knowledge.
  3. Many people don't know they can register their website or blog for free with lots of online registries. They're easy to find with any search engine and increase your website presence for free.
  4. Get involved with an organization online. You can work off some of those "good will" hours and get a little website advertising as a link or banner. Word of mouth counts a lot these days.
  5. Adopt easy software so you can train your staff and yourself. You should always know the basics of how to maintain your own website. If you're really averse to doing your own maintenance then you can at least train your interns or support staff. Remember to check in so that you stay abreast with any changes or new opportunities.

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Attorney Tip #11: Work on Word-of-Mouth

Every lawyer salivates over a law practice that self-sustains through word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth means no yellow page ads, no marketing budget, and always starting things off on a positive note.

Typically, word of mouth clients seek your services because someone they trust has recommended your services to them. This means that trust has already been established by a mutual acquaintance. A pre-established trust means an easier, happier client, and an easier client means a seriously contented attorney. It's an ideal scenario.

So how can you kick-start the WOM machine?

Start off by expanding your referral network. Make friends with lawyers who practice in non-competing areas of law, and set up a referral exchange with them. It may sound trivial or too much like "common sense", but once put into practice, it really works.

Take the additional measure of instructing happy clients to send their friends your way. Even if you don't practice in the area of law they need help with, you can refer them to an attorney in your referral exchange network. And you know what? That attorney will be more likely to refer someone back to you.

Networking is one of the most viable marketing methods out there-so the sooner you put in that order of business cards, the better.

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New Marketing for a New Year

Congratulations to all of you who have made it through another tough year in the legal profession! If you're looking to increase your client base without having to spend big bucks on risky advertising campaigns, then check out LegalMatch.

LegalMatch has a diverse group of clientele from throughout America who are in need of reputable and reliable lawyers. Participating attorneys receive a steady flow of cases straight to their email account or handheld device, plus they can manage all their potential cases through our easy to use personalized case index.

Much of our efforts go into making sure our lawyers receive good lucrative cases because your success is our success. LegalMatch is the #1 client-lawyer matching service and has been around for over a decade. Clients looking for lawyers are attracted by our aggressive marketing, superior resources, pre-screened lawyers, and now they even get a free e-book on selecting a lawyer. LegalMatch needs more great attorneys to take the influx of cases.

Learn more here or give us a call at (866) 953-4259.

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