Marketing Support

LegalMatch understands that one of the many challenges attorneys face with growing their practice is with improving the process of client acquisition: converting a case of interest into an actual client. As part of your membership, LegalMatch provides you with unlimited access to our Marketing Support team. The Marketing Support team acts as your own personal LegalMatch consultant and will actively work with you throughout your entire membership.

  • Their role is to help you quickly integrate LegalMatch into your practice to achieve the results you require.
  • They will get you up-to-speed on LegalMatch best practices and share techniques that have helped other Member Attorneys become LegalMatch Success Stories.
  • The Marketing Support team will help you develop successful response and communication strategies so you can meet your acquisition and revenue goals in your area of practice.
  • There is no added cost for this service. Your success today will mean that you will still be with us in the future – continuing to respond to the growing number of clients who trust LegalMatch to help them find the right attorney.