Case Study - Kelly M.

  • Kelly M.
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Personal Injury

Although the steady influx of cases is nice, I believe LegalMatch is innovative because it is one of the first references for background checking into law firms.  How are clients supposed to know who is a good attorney and who is a bad one?  Anyone can open up a yellow page ad.  I have clients who come to me needing help, and I can't take the case because the client's previous attorney made essential mistakes.  It's really disheartening.  But LegalMatch provides a forum through which consumers can be assured they're getting a competent attorney.

I joined LegalMatch in 2004 and I already can cite two big cases that have made a difference in my firm.  I litigated a case involving an electrical fire which resulted in a jury verdict for property damage over $250,000.  I also litigated a brain injury case against two defense attorneys which produced a verdict for over $12 million.  I know when it is wise to go to trial and when the client is better off negotiating a tough settlement.  I give advice to the client as to how they should proceed and the reasons why, while leaving the client in control of the decisions as to how far to pursue a case.

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