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Expungement (also known as criminal record sealing) is a process by which a person's criminal records are treated as if they no longer exist. Each state has different options and limits regarding record sealing or expungement, but all states permit some form of expungement or record sealing for juvenile offenses.

The expungement of juvenile criminal records is automatic many states, but this varies and you should seek the advice of a qualified lawyer that specializes the sealing of juvenile records. Generally expungement is only available to those who have maintained a clean criminal record in the intervening years between.

Having your record expunged or clearing a criminal record does not necessarily mean that the records disappear from the court system. It's possible that your juvenile record may be introduced into a criminal proceeding against you later in life. You should consult a criminal attorney if you are concerned about whether your juvenile record may used against you. A good expungement lawyer can help you understand your options and your rights under the law. Certain infractions, such as speeding and moving violations can never be sealed or expunged. For DMV record sealing of drunk driving convictions, LegalMatch can present your case to DUI expungement lawyers.

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