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Over the last 7 YEARS LegalMatch has been dedicated to helping clients find the right lawyer & helping lawyers focus and market their law practice. Now, as a courtesy, we'd like to share what we have learned along the way.

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Our marketing managers work closely with our member attorneys; helping them fine tune their day to day client acquisition techniques. This compilation of top marketing tips is designed to show you some of the ways our marketing team has helped our members streamline and focus their law practices.

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Larry G. - Woodland Hills, California Profile
• Area of practice: Employment Law
• In practice since: 1989
• Number of partners in firm: 2
• Licensed to practice in: State of California

When Larry first joined LegalMatch, he wondered about the impact his membership would have on his practice. Would it really increase revenue? Would LegalMatch be a realistic fit for his firm?

After a few short months, Larry had his answer. LegalMatch was allowing him to choose the cases he wanted to work on, and he was finally able to focus on his niche in employment law: Larry claims that "LegalMatch has provided a steady stream of supplemental referrals," which has allowed his practice "to be more selective about the cases we take on."

LegalMatch was able to improve the quality and caliber of Larry's cases, but perhaps even more importantly, it has enabled him to spend less time on business development. "Typically, referrals take fifteen minutes each to sift through. But LegalMatch has helped me save time, thanks to its online intake tool."

Alan R. - Overland Park, Kansas
• Areas of practice: Family law
• In practice since: 1986
• Number of partners in firm: 1
• Licensed to practice in: State of Kansas; Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, and Wyandotte Counties; Certified as a Guardian ad Litem (Attorney for Children) in Kansas.

"I wanted to increase my number of quality clients," says Alan R. "I wanted to raise my revenue, and in addition, I wanted an Internet presence. I did all three by taking advantage of the cutting-edge marketing technology provided by LegalMatch."

"Joining LegalMatch was my best alternative," stresses Alan.

Initially joining as a Member Attorney in 2005, Alan was so satisfied with his return on investment that he extended his membership for another three years. And LegalMatch continues to help him expand his practice.

Like many other attorneys, Alan found that doing his own client intake was time-consuming and detrimental to his income. But after working closely with his Marketing Manager, he was able to develop a personalized client acquisition strategy that maximized results for his specific practice and locale. "I chose to follow his directives," says Alan, "and he really showed me the way to best optimize desirable results."

Getting the most out of LegalMatch is a learning process. But as Alan participated in the LegalMatch system, he became increasingly proficient, and was eventually able to reach his goals. "I like the fact that I can decide on the cases I want to take; that are a good fit for me," he says.

Alicia H. - Salt Lake City
• Area of practice: Family Law
• In practice since: 1995
• Number of partners in firm: Sole practitioner
• Licensed to practice in: MD, UT

Family law attorney Alicia H. signed on with LegalMatch in April of 2004, hoping to engage new clients through LegalMatch's partnership with the Utah State Bar. However, Alicia's initial partnership with LegalMatch didn't go as well as expected. At nearly the same time that Alicia signed on with LegalMatch, she unexpectedly found herself facing a potentially life-threatening cancer diagnosis. Unsurprisingly, Alicia wanted to cancel her LegalMatch membership and shift her focus to health and family. But after exploring various options with LegalMatch's Marketing Manager Supervisor, Teejay Clemena, Alicia realized that her practice could function as a source of inspiration and strength in the future.

Nearly a year later, Alicia was healthy and had engaged almost twenty cases through LegalMatch.

Alicia now recommends LegalMatch because of its landmark partnership with the Utah State Bar. "Because LegalMatch is the attorney referral mechanism of the Utah State Bar, there is always a heavy influx of potential clients in the LegalMatch system to pick and choose from," says Alicia. "Anyone with a solo practice knows that establishing a client base is one of the biggest challenges to developing a viable practice. The client intake aspect of LegalMatch is invaluable in meeting this challenge."

An avid outdoorswoman and mother of two girls, Alicia is now doing well. She anticipates that she will continue to use LegalMatch as a primary marketing tool in her practice.

About LegalMatch:

Established in 1999, LEGALMATCH has been the leader of the attorney-client matching industry. Over 200,000 consumers visit LegalMatch every month in search of solutions to their legal matters.

LegalMatch clients present their case through a special intake system, designed specifically to extract vital information about their legal case. Then, our patent-pending software matches each client to our prescreened Member Attorneys. If a member's client criteria matches the information presented by the client, the case is brought to their attention-- ensuring that our attorneys only deal with the cases they want to see.

Because our service is free to clients, 98% of our matched users claim that they would use the service again or recommend it to a friend.

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Demetria G. - Glendale
• Areas of practice: Family law
• In practice since: 2004
• Number of partners in firm: 1
• Licensed to practice in: State of California

At first, Demetria was also skeptical about LegalMatch: "You don't know what to expect with anything new."

But after only nine months, everything has changed.

Demetria has done what thousands of attorneys have struggled to do: She started a successful practice after graduating from law school. And to her merit, she managed to establish that practice in the highly competitive market of Glendale, California. Dmitria's practice is now nearing its capacity, and it may be due in large part to her partnership with LegalMatch.

For the first six months, ALL OF DEMETRIA'S CLIENTS WERE LEGALMATCH CLIENTS. Demetria proves that "for someone just starting off or with little or no experience, LegalMatch really helps." Indeed, one of LegalMatch's greatest accomplishments has been the provision of a viable alternative to working with large firms.

Demetria started with LegalMatch in July of 2005, and her enthusiasm is clear. "I would sum up my experience with LegalMatch in one word," she promises. And that word? "SENSATIONAL."

Mazyar H. - Chicago
• Area of practice: Construction Law, Debtor/Creditor Law
• Additional Licenses: Registered Securities Representative Registered Illinois Title Insurance Agent
• In practice since: 1995
• Number of partners in firm: Solo Practitioner, 3 offices.
• Licensed to practice in: IL

It was easy for Mazyar to recognize the value of LegalMatch. In 2000 he was quick to join as an early adopter and self-described "believer" in this new way of reaching potential clients. As he observed recently, "The population of internet users is rapidly becoming reflective of the national population as a whole, so potential clients needing my expertise are more likely than ever to be online. The fit is a natural. That's why the LegalMatch screening and matching mechanism makes sense."

In discussing the value added aspects of LegalMatch, Mazyar offered this observation: "With three offices to manage and construction clients who are often out in the field, I have little time to market, and even less to 'glad-hand' prospects, so it's a boon to have access to potential new business wherever my practice happens to take me."

David Z. - Atlanta
• Areas of Practice: Criminal Defense, Personal Injury
• In practice since: 1996
• Number of Partners in Firm: 1
• Licensed to practice in: GA

A LegalMatch Member Attorney since 2003, David feels that the matching service has been a boost from the beginning. LegalMatch has helped him to strategize about his long term marketing goals, and it provided an immediate boost of potential clients when he joined.

As a former Chief Senior Assistant District Attorney, David has handled hundreds of felony and misdemeanor cases. Now, the Atlanta attorney's firm specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases, representing clients in cases concerning murder, armed robbery, child abuse, drug possession, and DUI's.

One LegalMatch client wrote in saying, "Mr. Z responded to my case in a matter of minutes and was very professional, and very willing to help with every aspect of my case. I am proud to call him my attorney and would definitely work with him in the future."

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