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Legal Definitions – C (Page 3)

Construction Law – An area of law that deals with all aspects of building, from the initial bidding process, to the negotiation, and the drafting of the necessary contracts.

Construction Lien – A method used by construction contractors to ensure that the property owner will pay them for services and materials used when improving the property. It is also known as a mechanic’s lien.

Constructive Trust – A form of equitable relief wherein the court creates a trust in order to prevent a defendant from being unjustly enriched.

Consumer Banking – An area of banking dealing with the transactions of individual consumers.

Consumer Protection – A form of government regulation that is designed to ensure that consumer rights are not violated.

Copyright – A right that prevents others from using one’s originally authored work.

Corporate Bylaws – The basic set of rules and regulations that govern a corporation.

Corporate Fiduciary DutiesFiduciary duties that directors and officers of corporations owe to corporate stockholders and to the corporate business entity itself.

Cosigning a Loan – The act of signing a contract that makes one responsible for the entire debt of a loan being given to another party.

Counterfeit Goods – Low-quality items that have been altered to make them appear to be name brand goods.

Court Reporting – The creation of a transcript of every official court proceeding.

Credit Report – A report detailing an individual’s or company’s past borrowing and repayment history, including information about any late payments and any declaration of bankruptcy.

Criminal Evidence – Any physical or verbal evidence that is presented for the purpose of proving a crime.

Criminal Law – An area of law that deals exclusively with the crimes and punishments of people.

Criminal Negligence – Any type of conduct that "grossly deviates" from the normal, reasonable standards of an ordinary person.

Criminal Procedure – The overall legal process of adjudicating claims for a person who is accused of violating criminal laws.

Custodial Parent – A parent that is granted custody of a child or children.

Custody Law – A subfield of family law that covers child custody matters.

Cyberbullying – Using an online medium to harass, threaten or bully others.

Cyberspace Law – An area of law that governs the legal issues related to the Internet.

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Legal Dictionary - C (Page 3)