Wrongful Termination in Florida

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Wrongful Termination in Florida

In Florida, as in most states, employment is "at-will." This means that an employee may be fired for any reason, no matter how arbitrary or irrational, or for no reason at all. However, the "at-will" employment power is not absolute, and is subject to some exceptions.

When Can I Bring a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit in Florida?

In Florida, you cannot be terminated for the sole reason of bringing a good-faith claim for workers’ compensation. If you are terminated for this reason, you may have grounds for a wrongful termination suit.

Also, Florida law does not allow an employer to fire an employee for reporting illegal activities, policies, or practices by the employer to the authorities (i.e. whistle blowing). But for this law to apply, the employee must first bring the matter to the attention of the employer, in writing. Afterwards, the employee can seek a court order preventing further violations of the law, lost wages, reinstatement of employment, and other damages.

Consulting an Attorney

Wrongful termination is a confusing area of law and navigating the legal system may be difficult. An employment lawyer can help you determine whether there is a legal basis for a claim, and if so, she can help you recover monetary damages.

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