Wage Discriminated Employees

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Does my Case Qualify for a Class Action by Discriminated Employees?

Sometimes a company pays a whole group a lower wage. In a class action suit, several employees who feel that they have been discriminated against can join forces and ask a judge to allow the case to be a class-action suit. Women can sue under both the Equal Pay Act and Title VII. A group that feels they have been given a lower wage because of their race or color, religion, pregnancy or childbirth, or national origin can sue under Title VII.

An Example of a Class Action Suit

Recently, a ruling in a federal court concluded that a suit against a company can be tried as a nationwide class-action lawsuit. The employees suing had shown that there were significant issues concerning the company¿s discriminatory practices. The employees claimed that women were paid less in all store locations, and that promotions were harder to come by for female employees.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

A class-action lawsuit against an employer is difficult to pursue without a lawyer. As in all wage discrimination suits, you have to decide if a claim should be filed under the Equal Pay Act or under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or under both. This can be difficult without an attorney experienced in class-action discrimination suits.

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