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What is the Definition of Violent Crime?

Violent crime is generally defined as any conduct that involves the intentional threat, attempt, or actual infliction of physical harm from one person to another. Violent crime laws often involve very serious legal consequences such as criminal fines, jail time, and sometimes life prison sentences. 

You should note that some types of crimes are classified as violent crimes even if they only involve the attempt of physical harm. That is, the victim need not actually be physically harmed, but if the threat of intentional harm was a factor, the crime is generally classified as a violent crime. An example of this is assault, which involves only an attempted infliction of harm.

Violent crimes almost always involve physical harm to the body of another person. However, some jurisdictions also include some property offenses as violent crimes, particularly if the defendant was motivated by hatred or malicious criminal intent.

What Are Some Examples of Violent Crimes?

Some examples of violent crimes are:

Some of these crimes may be classified as misdemeanors. The more serious offenses like rape and homicide are usually prosecuted as felony offenses. However, the use of deadly weapons (such as a gun) can result in a misdemeanor being prosecuted as a felony. The same is true if the violent act results in death or serious bodily harm.

Is the Use of Force Ever Justified?

In some cases, the use of physical force is legally justified under criminal regulations. The most common example of this is the use of physical force in self-defense. A person is generally allowed to use physical force in order to defend themselves from the physical force of another person. Thus, self-defense is a common legal defense for crimes involving violence.  .

However, the use of force for self-defense must be proportional to the force being used by the attacker. For example, deadly force is only justified if the attacker has first used deadly force against the victim. Also, the use of force for self-defense is only allowed if the victim wasn’t the first person to use force during the altercation. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance With Violent Crime Laws?

Violent crime offenses are treated very seriously in the American criminal law system. You may wish to speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately if you need legal assistance with violent crime charges. Your attorney can provide you with zealous representation in a court of law, and can help explain the laws involved in your case. The specific details of violent crimes will vary from state to state, but an experienced lawyer can provide you with expert advice for your defense.  

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