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What is a Civil Union?

A Civil Union is a legal status given to same sex couples that offers the same state benefits as married couples.  Civil Unions are currently only acknowledged in Vermont, and the rights granted are not transferable outside of Vermont. 

What is required for a Civil Union?

In order to be eligible for a Civil Union in Vermont each member of the couple must:

What are the Benefits, Protections, and Responsibilities of a Civil Union?

In general, a Civil Union offers a same sex couple the equivalent benefits, protections, and responsibilities under state law that are granted to spouses in a marriage. Some of these responsibilities and protections include:

What happens in the Divorce of a Civil Union?

The same state court that has authority over divorces has control of dissolutions of Civil Unions. The family court of the state will treat the dissolution of a Civil Union no different than dissolution of a marriage. The court will use the same procedures and obligations that are involved in this type of engagement including residency requirements.

Do I Need an Attorney for a Civil Union?

A consultation with a family lawyer who specialized in Civil Unions may help you understand whether Civil Unions are available in your state.  A Civil Union lawyer can also explain all your options and help you understand what types of legal strategies are right for you and your family.

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