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How Can I Terminate Child Support?

Biological and adoptive parents can only stop child support if:

Child support is officially terminated once a motion has been made and approved by a court. These conditions are very clear so usually the proceedings move very quickly, unlike child support modification.

May I Terminate Child Support if I Think It Is Unfair?

No, ending child support without a court's approval is very dangerous and could lead to a great deal of trouble with your ex-spouse, courts, and possibly even the police. If you think your child support amount is unfair, consult a family attorney about modifying your support agreement.

For example, it may be possible to lower child support payments if the court approves of it. A court may allow the paying party to reduce child support payments, but only after considering all the different factors, and only if it still serves the child’s best interests. 

May I Terminate Child Support if My Ex-Spouse is Keeping Me Away From My Kids?

No, child support and child custody or visitation are two separate issues. Holding child support payments back because you are being denied visitation rights is another very dangerous move. See here for more information.

Do I Need an Attorney to Help Terminate Child Support?

The steps to terminate child support are often complicated and time consuming. An experienced family law attorney can evaluate your situation and help you determine whether you are able to end child support. If you are able to stop child support, a lawyer will help you file all the required court documents and make sure your interests are protected.   

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