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What Is incorporation?

Incorporation is the process by which a business organization officially becomes a corporation. In effect, corporations are recognized as a “person” under the law. Legally speaking, a business that has incorporated is treated much differently than a non-incorporated entity. For example, there are different tax consequences and liability factors for corporations. With regards to small businesses, there are several types of corporate forms that the entity may incorporate under. Some common types of corporations are:

What Steps Are Required to Incorporate a Small Business?

Incorporation laws vary from state to state and can also differ based on the type of small business operations. In general, the following are required to incorporate a business:

Incorporation is a relatively straight-forward process in most states. There may be different fees associated with filing, especially when submitting Articles of Incorporation.

What Are the Benefits of Incorporating a Small Business?

There are many pros and cons to incorporation. Some of the benefits include:

Do I Need a Lawyer for Incorporating a Small Business?

Whether you are incorporating a small business from scratch or are purchasing an existing one, it is important that you contact an attorney for advice. The laws governing incorporation vary widely depending the jurisdiction and the type of corporation in question. An experienced small business lawyer can help you navigate the laws in a manner that is most profitable for your particular business goals. 

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