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What is Retaliatory Eviction?

Retaliatory Eviction is the illegal process when a landlord evicts, or removes a tenant from a rental property because of something the tenant was legally allowed to do.  Most states have laws that prohibit retaliatory evictions.  Common examples of a tenant's legal activity that led to an illegal retaliatory eviction include:

  1. Complaining to a government agency about a violation of a housing code,
  2. Complaining to the landlord about a violation of the landlord's duty to the tenant, or
  3. Joining or creating a tenant's union

Retaliatory eviction does not necessarily mean just kicking a tenant out of a rental property.  Retaliatory eviction can also occur, when in connection with a tenant's legal activity, a landlord:

In most states there is an automatic presumption that if a landlord does any of the above within a certain time of a tenant's legal activity, the landlord's action is a retaliatory eviction.  An automatic presumption time frame can range from 60 days to one year.  This means that if tenant A complains to a housing authority about the rental property, and landlord X evicts tenant A 7 days later, the eviction was a retaliatory eviction unless the landlord can prove otherwise.  If the eviction occurs after the presumption period, the tenant bears the burden to show the eviction was a retaliatory eviction.

What Can I Do If I am Facing a Retaliatory Eviction?

If you are being affected by a retaliatory eviction, it may be possible for you to do any of the following:

Do I Need an Attorney if I am Facing a Retaliatory Eviction?

If you think you are the victim of a retaliatory eviction, it is strongly recommended that you contact a landlord and tenant attorney.  Retaliatory eviction is a complicated legal issue, and only an attorney will be able to explain the relevant issues and help defend your rights.

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