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What Are Relocation Benefits?

Relocation benefits are costs associated with moving to a new job that are incurred by a new employee and paid by an employer. The following expenses may be included as relocation benefits:

Am I Entitled To Relocation Benefits?

Companies are not required to pay an employee's relocation expenses and even if these benefits are offered, there is often a great discrepancy in how much is given. If an employer asks that you make an unexpected or drastic move, it may be more flexible with its benefits.

Are Relocation Benefits Negotiable?

While successful negotiations are possible and may be affected by your position in the company and family or medical issues, company policies or resources may also place limits on your negotiating power. Researching the new area is essential to learn more about the cost of living and availability of housing and to determine how much you may be compensated.

How Do I Collect Promised - But Unpaid - Relocation Benefits?

Discussing the problem with your employer and reviewing your employment contract could help remedy the confusion. Additionally, if you are unable to resolve the issue, an employment attorney may also be able to help settle your dispute.

Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

Because individual employment situations vary significantly, a lawyer who is familiar with workplace standards and contracts could answer questions and discuss possible solutions.

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