Registered Domestic Partnerships in New Jersey

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Who Qualifies to Register as Domestic Partners?

New Jersey's new domestic partner law applies to same-sex couples and to opposite-sex couples in which one partner is 62 years of age or older. 

Why Should My Partner and I Register as Domestic Partners? 

Registering as domestic partners can provide you and your partner with some of the same benefits that the state gives to married couples.  These include:

What Rights Will Domestic Partners Still Not Have?

  New Jersey's domestic partnership law does not provide for:

Do I Need a Lawyer to Register a Domestic Partnership?

While you and your partner do not need a lawyer to register, you should consider consulting a good wills and trusts attorney to ensure that you both provide for each other in the case of illness or death.  If the relationship does end a good family law attorney will be able to help you petition for spousal support or adoption.

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