Registered Domestic Partnerships in Maine

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Does Maine Offer Same-Sex Couples Any Alternatives to Marriage?

Yes.  Maine recently enacted a domestic partnership law that offers some benefits to registered partners which before were only enjoyed by married couples.

Who Qualifies to Register as Domestic Partners in Maine?

Domestic partners in Maine must meet all the following criteria:

What Benefits Are There to Registered Domestic Partnerships?

Registered domestic partners enjoy some of the same benefits as married couples do, mainly pertaining to disability and end-of-life issues.  Examples of these benefits include:

Why Should My Partner and I Register as Domestic Partners?

While you and your partner will not enjoy all of the benefits that the state gives to married couples, you will ensure that each is taken care of in the event of illness or death.  

Do I Need a Lawyer to Register My Domestic Partnership?

Lawyers in Maine are not needed to register domestic partners.  However, you should consult a wills and trusts attorney if you have questions about your rights as domestic partners or want additional estate planning assistance.  

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