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Is Refusing to Stop for a Police Officer a Crime?

If a police officer requests that you pull over, you cannot refuse to stop.  Even if you believe the police officer has no reason to pull you over, you must do so on request.  As long as the police officer can establish probable cause, then the stop is legal.

Can Refusing to Stop for a Police Officer be Enhanced to a More Severe Crime?

Yes, it can.  Whether refusing to stop is considered a felony, misdemeanor, or a "slap on the wrist" depends on your actions.  For example, leading the police on a high speed chase will be a felony.  Simply not noticing the lights in your rearview mirror will elicit a warning from the officer (most likely).  Reckless driving and other charges can be brought as well. 

What are the Likely Consequences of Refusing to Stop for a Police Officer?

If you refuse to stop for a police officer upon request, the police officer will most likely assume that you are guilty of something.  After all, why wouldn't you stop if you have nothing to hide?  You can always contest a ticket or an illegal stop later on.  Contesting an invalid stop by refusing to stop will only lead to negative consequences such as:

How Can an Attorney Help Me?

Police officers need to be respected because of their authoritative status.  However, police officers are human, and they do make mistakes.  Even if you believe that a police officer is pulling you over improperly, refusing to stop will only make matters worse.  After the incident, contact an attorney to learn more about your rights and defenses and whether you can challenge the police officer in court. 

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