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Recently, predatory lending has grown significantly.  Each year, nearly one million loans are made with unreasonable terms and abusively high lending fees.  Many of these victims are the elderly, poor and minorities who do not have the educational or financial means to acquire a loan.  Because of these terms, many of these victims are unable to pay their loans and their properties end up in foreclosures. 

What are Some Common Predatory Lending Practices?
Some common predatory lending practices can include: 

How Do I File a Claim against Predatory Lenders?
The law provides many different grounds by which a claim can be brought against a predatory lender.  These can include suits based on violations of: 

In addition, there may be local or state statutes under which you may bring a predatory lending claim.

What Can I Recover from Predatory Lenders?
What a person may recover from predatory lenders depends partly on what doctrine a claim is brought against the lenders.  Some remedies that may be available can include: 

Do I Need an Attorney for my Predatory Lending Claim?
If you feel you have been a victim of predatory lending and your house is about to be foreclosed, you should consult an experienced property attorney to discuss your legal remedies and options.  A property lawyer can help you file any necessary paperwork and represent you in court.

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