Medicare and Medicaid Lawyers

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Medicare is a government insurance program for the elderly and disabled. To qualify for Medicare you must:

Like health insurance, Medicare has deductibles and co-payments. Medicare has several different plans available so you should chose the one that suits your needs best.

Medicare Coverage

Medicare pays for a large number of medical services, including:

But Medicare doesn't cover everything. Medicare does NOT cover:


Medicaid is a health-care program financed by both the state and federal governments. While Medicaid eligibility is different in each state, it's typically available to:

Medicaid Coverage

Depending on your state, Medicaid coverage may include:

Do I Need an Attorney?

Medicare and Medicaid are both very helpful programs, but the laws that govern them are complex. To confuse matters more, Medicaid laws are different in every state. Having a lawyer help you get coverage can make your life easier. A lawyer will know which laws apply in your state and how to deal with government agencies.

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