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Magazine buyers clubs are like many other scams to make money.  The distinguishing aspect of magazine buyer clubs is the importance of finding new recruits to participate in the club.  The scam artists that facilitate this scheme require that potential buyers subscribe to a variety of magazines for a discounted price.  However, the upfront costs are enormous.  Many subscribers never see the magazines they were promised and lose hundreds of dollars. 

Why are Magazine Buyers Clubs Successful?

Magazine clubs are successful because many potential buyers become enamored with the great deal promised.  There are many willing participants who write checks in large amounts on the promise that they would receive years of magazine subscriptions at a reduced price.   

What Steps Can I Undertake as a Victim?

People should be aware that magazine clubs are a type of fraud.  Therefore, it's a criminal offense to knowingly participate in a magazine fraud.  There are steps victims can undertake that include: 

What Should I Do If I'm Unsure a Magazine Fraud is Being Employed?

Individuals should remember that magazine club fraud can extend to all different types of areas.  Therefore, ask questions about how the proposed offer works.  People should think about whether the promise of a great return is feasible and possible.  There are countless situations where asking yourself good questions and thinking about what a person is offering you can prevent yourself from being defrauded. 

Should I Consult an Attorney?

Magazine clubs are a fraud and an attorney can help advise you on a course of action.  A civil suit against magazine fraud operators would require a strong attorney experienced in fraud cases.  In addition, an attorney can help you to recover money from magazine fraud scheme operators, assuming that they can be found. 

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