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What is a Flat Fee?

A flat fee means that the lawyer charges a fixed total fee. This is generally offered if your case is relatively simple or routine. Typically, simple cases might include: writing a will, a real estate closing, an uncontested divorce or a power of attorney. It is important that you ask exactly what services and expenses are covered and what aren't. Often the total bill is the flat fee plus costs.

When are Flat Fees Generally Not Offered?

A flat fee is generally not offered for a court case or a personal injury case.

Should I Comparison Shop for Flat Fees?

Yes, you should compare fees between a few of lawyers. The best thing for you is to find a lawyer that suits your pocket as well as your case.

Should the Fee Agreement be in Writing?

Yes, regardless of the fee you agree upon with your attorney, always obtain proof of the agreement and its specifics in writing. Get it in writing what the additional costs are and their price before you hire your attorney.  If you feel that your attorney has breached his agreement you may be able to sue for attorney malpractice.

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