IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy

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IRS Final Notice of Intent to Levy

When you owe the IRS back taxes, the IRS will send you notices stating that you need to pay them back with a civil penalty. After a few standard notices, the IRS may send you a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy." You will need to respond to this notice within 30 days. Otherwise, the IRS will take every penny out of your bank accounts.

There are two ways to prevent the levy:

  1. Setting up a payment plan
  2. Offer in compromise

Setting up a Payment Plan

A payment plan is an agreement to pay the IRS an amount of money every month until your debt with the penalty is paid off. The amount depends on how much you can afford per month, and can be as little as $25 per month.

Even if you have been placed on a payment plan before and you stopped paying, you may be placed on a new one.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is an agreement with the IRS, where you pay the IRS a lump sum of money to get rid of all the back taxes and civil penalty you owe them. You do not need to pay the IRS everything you owe, only a smaller sum (for example, 20% of what you owe).

Getting Back All My Money That the IRS Took

If the IRS took all the money out of your bank accounts and you did not receive any notice in the mail, you may be able to get all of your money back. You need to notify the IRS that you never received a "Final Notice of Intent to Levy" and show a willingness to work with the IRS to pay them back.

Contacting a Tax Lawyer

A tax lawyer can help you negotiate an affordable payment plan or even help you settle with the IRS. Essentially, a tax lawyer may lower the amount of money you owe to the IRS without putting you in financial jeopardy.

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