Irresponsible Custodial Parents

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I Pay Child Support, but I am Concerned that the Custodial Parent is Financially Irresponsible.  What Can I Do?

This is a difficult situation because generally the custodial parent has the right to spend child support money in the best interests of the child as he or she sees fit.  But if the custodial parent does not spend the child support money in a way that benefits the child, he or she could be charged with neglect or child abuse.

Can I Have the Amount of Child Support or Custody Order Changed if the Custodial Parent is Irresponsible with Child Support Money?

It may be possible to have custody orders or child support payments modified because of a custodial parent’s irresponsibility.  But this is probably an exception more than a rule, and may be required to follow an abuse or neglect charge against the custodial parent.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Handle My Child Support Issue?

If you are making child support payments and do not feel as though the custodial parent is adequately spending the money in the child’s best interests, it would be wise for you to speak with a family lawyer to discuss any options that may be open to you.  Working with an experienced family lawyer can help you understand your rights and help ensure that your interests are protected.

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