HMO Malpractice Liability Lawyers

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What is HMO Liability?

HMO liability refers to holding a health maintenance organization or managed care organization responsible for failing to provide its patients with adequate health care.  Examples of HMO malpractice include:

When Can an HMO Be Held Liable for Malpractice?

The laws regarding when an HMO can be liable for malpractice vary from state to state.  While some states hold HMOs liable when they commit malpractice, other states tend to say that the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) prevents patients from suing an HMO for malpractice.    

What Damages Can I Recover if My HMO is Held Liable?

If your HMO committed malpractice that caused you injury, you can sue to recover damages including:

Do I Need a Lawyer to Sue an HMO for Malpractice?

Injuries resulting from HMO malpractice can have a devastating effect on your life.  If you have been injured in the course of receiving treatment from your HMO, an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help you recover damages for your injuries.  

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