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Grocery stores and supermarkets sell food and other products to customers.  Aside from selling illness causing food, a grocery can be liable for personal injuries that occur on its premises

What Duties Does a Grocery Store Owner Have?

A grocery store owner must exercise reasonable care to see that the store and the outside of the store are reasonably safe.  The owner must warn visitors of hidden dangers to protect customers from injury.  An owner must guard against hazardous conditions if he has reason to believe they cause injuries.  If he does not, he is negligent.  Some possible injuries that may occur at a store include:  

What Factors Help Show the Store was Negligent?

The following may suggest the store was negligent:

What Defense Does the Store Have?

The grocery store may not be liable for damages if:

Should I Contact a Lawyer if I Have Been Injured at a Grocery Store?

If you have been hurt or injured during a visit to a grocery store and want to assess the viability of your claim, the advice of a personal injury lawyer can be extremely helpful.  An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you investigate your injury and recover damages. 

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