Fraudulent Ski Lift Tickets Lawyers

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What is fraudulent ski lift tickets?

Many states with a ski industry have created laws to protect ski resorts from people who try to ski or snowboard with a fake, stolen, borrowed, or even without a ski lift ticket, as separate from traditional theft or fraud crimes.  The most notable states with such laws are Colorado, California, Utah, and Vermont.

What Qualifies as a Ski Lift Ticket?

Many different objects qualify as a ski lift ticket.  Paper tickets, employee badges, pins, coupons, or other devices that allow their holder to use or enjoy a ski resort are considered ski lift tickets.

What Acts Make For a Fraudulent Ski Lift Ticket?

There several acts which would constitute a fradulent ski lift ticket.  These include:

What Penalties Can I Face For Fraudulent Ski Lift Tickets?

Each state has a different penalty for those charged with fraudulent ski lift tickets, but most include:

Should I Find an Attorney if I Have Been Charged With a Fraudulent Ski Lift Ticket?

If you are facing charges involving a fraudlent ski lift ticket, is always recommended that you speak with an attorney to explain your rights and help you in mounting a proper legal defense.   

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