Florida Retroactive Child Support Lawyers

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Can I Collect Retroactive Child Support in Florida?

Most states permit collecting child support back to the date when you first applied for child support, not just from the date your application is approved. Florida permits collection of child support for up to 2 years before the application was filed.

What Are the Restrictions on Collecting Retroactive Child Support in Florida?

Retroactive child support may not be awarded or may be limited in amount if either of the following occured:

How Is the Amount of Retroactive Child Support Calculated and Paid?

If the other parent cannot prove what their prior income was, then that parent's current income will be used to calculate the amount of retroactive child support. A Florida Court is also likely to consider an installment plan for paying retroactive child support, instead of one large payment.

How Far Back Can I Collect Retroactive Child Support?

A parent can collect retroactive child support from the time you and the other parent were no longer living together, or two years, whichever is shorter.

Will Retroactive Child Support Reduce Future Child Support Payments?

Retroactive child support is granted in addition to regular child support ¿ it does not reduce future payments.

Do I Need a Family Lawyer to Collect Retroactive Child Support?

If you are seeking to establish retroactive child support, it may be wise to speak with an experienced family lawyer. Consulting with a family lawyer can help you understand your options and help you deal with the complicated legal system.

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